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NOTE: If your appliance is less than 1 year old, the brands listed below require scheduling using the links provided:
For Out Of Warranty Service, Please Continue Here:


Requesting Party

Resident Name (if different from above)

Email Addresses (and label if needed, i.e. owner - tenant - authorization etc

Repair Address (please include Suite#, Apartment # Etc.. AND Zip Code

example: 1234 Apple St. Apt # A, San Diego, CA 92120

Please list Phone#s

examples: 619-640-9000 owners cell,  858-541-7000 tenant (jim),  760-741-9000 manager (steve)

2. Repair Request

Brand and Type of Appliance
example: Maytag Washing Machine

Description of Problem
example: Will not spin

Model and Serial Number if Available (Required for Warranty work)

When would you like repair appointment (we offer AM & PM appointments Mon-Saturday

example: Tuesday PM  or  Wed AM  or  Call me to arrange

Thank You! We try to honor all repair requests, however we cannot guarantee current availabilty. We will call you soon if we cannot meet your request.

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