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"When my Kenmore washer stopped spinning we called Sears, BUT trying to get someone to come out was difficult and we were told it would take 2 weeks for the part on back order.  We couldn't wait to do laundry, so we called 1-800-Appliance and got a repair tech out immediately.  John ordered the part and installed it the next day... now that's fast and friendly service.  They were right on time and I think the shoe covers are a nice touch."
Steve Z.

"My Maytag washer wasn't draining properly during it's cycles.  The wonderful service tech Tom with 1-800-Applinace told me I could replace a part OR he could try tightening the existing part to see if that solved the problem.  If it didn't work, he said he would come out again and replace the faulty part.  The part was tightened, /../ the washer has been working great ever since.  I will definitely use this VERY HONEST and reputable repair company again in the future."  
Linda K.

"I called 1-800-Appliance when my washing machine was on the blink.  The technician Robbie was terrific — he was wearing a uniform and looking sharp.  He was professional, communicated well with me outlining the problem, he was fair with the pricing — he was the best ever.  He fixed my machine right on the spot because he had the parts he needed in his truck.  I will never use any other company for service to my appliances.  I will refer you to all my friends!"
Nancy B


"GE dryers are usually pretty reliable but my clothes weren't getting dry.  Ben was wonderful and found the problem immediately.  He gave us a very reasonable and fair estimate, and we authorized him to fix the dryer on the spot.  If we need service again, I'd like you to send Ben back because we thought he was the best of the best.  He can play on our team anytime!"
Dana P.

"Just wanted to thank you for outstanding work done for both: my Whirlpool dryer and my Bosch dishwasher. Before I contacted you, I had called two other companies who didn't even return my phone calls for two days, never mind fixing my appliances. Therefore, I have a good reasons for becoming your new loyal customer, especially that the price was like I was pricing it myself." 
Thank you, Judy C.


"My 2 year old, practically new Kitchen Aid refrigerator and the ice maker stopped working.  Your 1-800-Appliance repairman Patrick took a look at it and knew immediately what was wrong.  Apparently this broken gear problem is common in Kitchen Aid.  Since I described my problem to the customer service department when I booked the appointment, my repair tech was prepared with a replacement ice maker.  He installed it right on the spot - Viola!  How's that for service.  All fixed in less than 30 minutes.  My repairman showed up on time and he was confident, knowledgable and efficient.  I would recommend 1-800-Appliance in a heart beat!" 
Heidi S

"Arthur from 1-800-Appliance responded to our call for refrigerator repair.  I want someone in management to know what a great job Arthur did for us.  He was very prompt, courteous and very knowledgable.  He diagnosed and solved our problem quickly and even called back later to see how everything was working.  We have used 1-800-Appliance in the past because of this type of excellent service we will continue and refer you to our family and friends.  Kudos to Arthur."
Earl G.


"We thought the old Frigidaire ice maker had bit the dust, but we were happy to find out that was not the case when Yuriy from 1-800-Appliance showed up.  He found the problem.  It just needed the water line replaced and it is as good as new — much less than the cost of buying a new refrigerator.  Yuriy is a really nice and knowledgable man and the next time we need service, we'll ask for the same repair man.  I'll tell my family and friends about you."
Carol R.

"Our real estate company always uses 1-800-Appliance and asks for technician #25, Iyla.  He does an outstanding job.  We can always count on him to give us an honest evaluation of the repair problem.  Once he fixes something — it is fixed and we never have to place a recall for the same problem.  He is prompt for all his appointments and our many tenants have nothing but good comments about Iyla.  We love that jingle of yours, our kids sing it too." 
James T.


"Our dishwasher stopped working but Gene from 1-800-Appliance was great.  He found the problem at once, fixed it in a few minutes and saved us the cost of a new dishwasher.    We chose you because of the BBB.  Our entire experience was totally different than we've had from other repair outfits (especially Sears).  Everyone I've mentioned this to has asked for your name and number — we elderly folks appreciate being treated with respect and courtesy."
Pat S

"Thank you so much for your responding so quickly Friday morning and prompt dishwasher leak service. You saved my wood floors and prevented my house from flooding. It has been a pleasure to deal with your company. The technician arrived right away and I am very pleased with him and also with the quality of service I have received from your company. Be assured that in the future, if I am in a position for any appliance repairs 1-800-Appliance will be the place to call ... and I can't get that jingle out of my head."

"Just a note to tell you how impressed and satisfied I am after service this morning on my old dishwasher by your technician Patrick.  He was friendly, courteous, provided an explanation of parts and work needed and he didn't overcharge us.  I believe the additional suggestions he offered will allow our dishwasher to operate for many more years to come."
Sandy K


"Our real estate company always uses 1-800-Appliance and asks for technician #25, Iyla.  He does an outstanding job.  We can always count on him to give us an honest evaluation of the repair problem.  Once he fixes something - it is fixed and we never have to place a recall for the same problem.  He is prompt for all his appointments and our many tenants have nothing but good comments about Iyla. We love that jingle of yours, our kids sing it too."
James T.

"I had the pleasure of using your services on Saturday and I'd like to share our experience.  Mike arrived on time (even on Saturday) and he found that our stove had a faulty starter.  He gave us a complete written estimate which was very fair — and he didn't try and overcharge us.  He also asked if there was anything else that we needed checking while he was there.  Thank you Mike for a job well done."
Rose H.

"I just got the telephone message, Raza, that you fixed the range at our rental house.  The tenants were very pleased.  Thank you so very much all the trouble you took to get it working.  I deeply appreciate it."
Cathy J.


"We entertain frequently and needed our double oven for a big party.  Jason arrived on time and was very friendly and most knowledgable.  He explained everything about the problem, answered all our questions, so we had him fix our Dacor oven right on the spot. So glad you work on high end appliances. I would call 1-800-Appliance again for any appliance repair.  The technicians are that GOOD!"
Alice S.

"I am writing to express my appreciation to technician Arthur and Manager David.  They were extremely professional and without hesitation backed up the 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Arthur's skill and experience in quickly identifying the problem was impressive.  David's professionalism in quickly getting the problem fixed without additional cost was exceptional and something I've never experienced with other repair contractors.  We have used 1-800-Appliance in the past and will continue to do so and have already boasted of your integrity to others and will highly recommend you in the future."
Bob L.


"My old microwave stopped working but I didn't want to get rid of it because of it's size.  I called 1-800-Appliance and Ric was excellent at finding the problem and making the necessary repair right then and there; and it was very inexpensive.  I was afraid because of it's age there was no hope it could be fixed.  Thank you 1-800-Appliance and Ric for saving me the cost of buying a new microwave." 
Carolyn H.

"When my GE microwave took longer than usual to heat hot water, I didn't want to discard it because I'm an environmentalist and involved in the "green movement".  I really wanted to see if it could be repaired.  I called 1-800-Appliance and they sent a repair tech out and he found the problem.  I was so happy when it was able to be fixed and that I didn't have to send my old microwave to take up space in the landfill.  Thank you 1-800-Appliance for being 'Green'."
Blake H.


"The motor on my Sears disposal would not turn the blades and it made a humming noise.  I remembered the 1-800-Appliance jingle, and called you.  My service tech was fantastic.  He looked sharp, and conducted himself in a  professional manner right off the bat.   The motor was not burned out but Tom found a plastic water bottle cap lodged and released it, and then it ran just like new. Thank goodness I didn't need a new garbage disposal.  /../  1-800-Appliance a single woman's dream come true! Many thanks."
Roberta B.

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